Eat. Scan. Enjoy. Repeat

GrubBux is revolutionizing food festival experiences with our seamless QR-based payment system. Vendors effortlessly process transactions with a quick scan, while customers enjoy the convenience of fast payments, easy reloads, and real-time balance checks. Dive into the festivities and leave the hassles behind with GrubBux.


Maximize Your Profits

GrubBux offers distinctively lower fees by consolidating multiple vendor transactions into a single credit card charge, as customers reload in bulk. We prioritize your profits, taking only the minimal credit card processing fees and never skimming a percentage from your sales.


Streamline Your Operations

With GrubBux, event organizers can bid farewell to the tedious task of counting physical tickets, ensuring smooth operations. Our digital platform eliminates the need for mail-out presales, making the entire ticketing process more efficient and straightforward. Experience the future of event management—simplified, digital, and hassle-free with GrubBux.


Empower Your Vendors

GrubBux transforms the vendor experience, eliminating the need to manage cumbersome physical tickets. With our intuitive system, vendors can instantly view sales data in real-time and enjoy swift, easy scanning for transactions. Dive into the new era of vending with GrubBux.


Wow Your Attendees

GrubBux offers festival-goers unparalleled convenience. Reload your festival currency instantly from your phone, share leftover balances with friends seamlessly, and never miss a beat with push notifications keeping you updated on event happenings.

Let's Elevate Your Festival Together!

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Thank you for considering GrubBux for your event. We understand the immense effort you pour into each festival, and our mission is to complement that dedication. By simplifying payments and providing invaluable real-time data, we're committed to ensuring your event thrives seamlessly, year after year.

  • Seamless QR Payments

  • Real-time Sales Data

  • Instant Phone Reloads

  • Easy Vendor Interface

  • Shareable Festival Currency

  • No Physical Tickets

  • Event Push Notifications

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